About the Farm

Are you certified organic?

The farm is not certified organic, though our produce and practices exceed the requirements. At this point, and at this scale, organic certification is neither cost nor time effective.

Where can I find your produce?

Cook Farm produce is available through our CSA, at the Bloomington Farmer's Markets, in local groceries and restaurants as well as on farm during the season.

Can I volunteer on the farm?

Volunteers are always welcome! Please dress appropriately for the weather and come ready to work. Contact Dylan at (309) 530-9902 or dylanrcook@gmail.com to set up a time!


About the CSA

What does CSA stand for?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture - it is a model of raising and eating food based on a direct relationship between producer and consumer, a truce between stakeholders. Sign up for a membership in the farm, or 'CSA,' and each week you'll receive the products of your farmer's labor, from the farmer's own hands.

What happens if I can't pick up my share?

Produce is perishable and we're not able to hold one week's share until the next. If you can't make it at all to your pickup, we encourage you to offer your share to a friend or family member.  Let us know in advance if someone else will be coming to pick up your share, and together we'll keep all that good food out of the compost pile!

Can I purchase a half share?

Yes! The most common way to receive a half share is by splitting with a friend and rotating weeks. Or, you can choose a half share, and pickup every other week for a total of 12 pickups throughout the season. This applies to eggs and veggies!  

What kinds of vegetables can I expect in my share?

In our seed order we have about 350 varieties of 50 different types of vegetables. Not all of them work out, but that's the point of trying so many! Your share will include a healthy portion of staples like tomatoes, potatoes, green beans, salad greens and carrots as well as a few specialty items here and there. Check out the photos on our CSA page for an idea of what you'll find!