The farm is located just East of Bloomington on the original Schwartz Farm, though the Schwartz' were gone well before Cook Farm came about. The farmhouse was built in 1909, the second along this stretch of Towanda Barnes, and the second on this property. You can still see the brick foundation of the original homestead beneath the larger of the farm's two chicken coops. The hip-roof barn that sits so close to the road was built in the 30's - evidenced by round nails and smooth finished concrete feed troughs. The original 120 acre farm ran west, with a small tract jutting to the north - giving it an L shape. Decades ago, after the Schwartz' had passed, the land was separated from the farm. The homefarm of Cook Farm currently resides on the few acres of building site left over after the auction of the land. On this ground, and on a few rented acres adjacent to the Kickapoo Creek, we raise mixed produce for customers in the Bloomington-Normal area.